Online Payments

Making Online Payments

It is now possible for parents to make online payments to the school for amounts owing for students, via a secure payment page hosted by Westpac.

Payments can be made using either a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

Items that can be paid include voluntary school contributions, subject contributions, excursions, sales to students and creative and practical arts activities (these include band, drama and dance). There is also a category called Other this is to cover items not covered in the previous headings, Other can be used to make a complete payment of a school invoice.

When you access the $ Make a payment you must enter:

  • the student’s name, and
  • class and reference number OR
  • the student’s name, and
  • Date of birth
  • Boxes with an * must be filled in

These details are entered each time you make a payment as student information is not held within the payment system. There is also the option to enter the Student Registration Number and Invoice number (if you are aware of them) these are optional fields.

This is a secure payment system hosted by Westpac to ensure that your credit/debit card details are captured in a secure manner, these details are not passed back to the school.

You have the ability to check and change any details of the payment before the payment is processed.

Payment processing takes place 6 PM daily at the bank. Receipts can be emailed and/or printed.

Details of the payments are passed daily to the school where they will be receipted against your child’s account. As a receipt has been issued from the payment page, a further receipt will not be issued by the school.

For any enquiries regarding the Online Payment process please contact the School Administration Office on 9524 0615.