Student Leadership

Every student has the potential for leadership, and at Endeavour we encourage students to be leaders across all areas of their schooling life: from the classroom, to the playground, to their support of their fellow students. We help students to develop themselves as leaders in academics, cultural and sporting activities, as well as community events and projects.

The school also has dedicated Student Leadership Programs which include :

Senior Student Executive

The students and staff of ESHS elect each year 2 Captains and 2 Vice-Captains as well as 4 senior prefects, to lead and represent the school for the following 12 months. Their duties require act as positive role models and display school leadership both within the school and in the community.


The SRC is comprised of student representatives from Years 7-11, elected by their peers and staff. They actively work within the school community, acting as leaders in developing a responsible and caring school environment.

Peer support

Selected Year 10 students receive training and support in conducting peer support sessions to assist year 7 students in their transition to high school. Mentors work in pairs to conduct team building and social skills sessions with small groups of year 7 students under the supervision of teachers.

Student Representative Council

Aims of the SRC at ESHS

  • to promote the interests and welfare of the students in the school
  • to represent the students of the school.
  • to provide an avenue for students to participate in the decision making of the school policy
  • to provide an experience in democratic meeting procedures and to exercise, develop and refine their rights  in terms of civics and citizenship
  • to promote leadership amongst the students of Endeavour Sports High School.
  • to inform the students about decisions and policies which affect them.


  • to discuss matters relevant to the interest and welfare of the students
  • to provide representation on School Council and all other school sub-committees
  • to make recommendations through meetings with the Principal and staff
  • to express an opinion on matters referred to it by the Principal and/or other bodies
  • to direct student committees within the school
  • to promote School policies, activities and achievements
  • to facilitate interaction (as representatives) between students and the school staff, executive and community
  • to represent Endeavour Sports High School at official functions.


  • the SRC will be comprised of representatives from Years 7-11. Aboriginal students will be appointed to the SRC, preferably 1 male and 1 female and a representative from Special Education students preferably 1 male and 1 female
  • students may be nominated by other students or teachers or may nominate themselves
  • if there are insufficient nominations of a particular gender the numbers may be made up from the other gender
  • the SRC executive will consist of Year 12 students, comprising of the School Captains, Vice Captains and Senior SRC representatives.

2017 Student Representative Council

Senior Leaders

  • Captains: Mojela Baker Khampan, Kaelin Knipp
  • Vice Captains: Kyla Gordon, Reece Bereveskos
  • Prefects: Tanya Marjanovic, Connor Hart, Gabrielle Beohm, Manoli Karaiskakis, Kieran Fields (Indigenous Representative)
  • School Service Representatives: Ahmed Ijaz, Pilolevu Ungounga
  • Special Education Prefects: Kyle Rogers, Skye Ibbotson
  • Year 11 SRC: Daesha Baker, Ayu Nurjaya, Trevor Taufa, Terry Papadakis
  • Year 10 SRC: Alexia Barrett, Josie La Macchia, Zac McLoughlin, Tamoor Cheema
  • Year 9 SRC: Hannah Higgins, Daniella Metirtikas, Thomas Siumaka, Declan Hart, David Batchelor
  • Year 8 SRC: Johnny Siu-Jones, Josh Kermond, Sophia Vagana, Marina Hilellis