Student Counselling

The School Counselling Service contribute to student wellbeing in New South Wales public schools by providing brief counselling and intervention services, referral to outside agencies and assessment. They are registered psychologists with the Psychology Board of Australia.

For more information please see School Counselling Service

School Psychologists at Endeavour Sports High School

Brittany Ghabrial (Monday & Friday)

Victoria Sierra (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Why do students get referred to the School Counselling Service?
Reasons for referral are varied and individual and may include:
• Academic assessment
• Behavioural / emotional assessment
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief
• Trauma
• Family issues
• Social issues
• Or just needing to talk to someone confidentially

Students can be referred to the school counselling service by:
• Asking reception for a referral form to complete and return via reception;
• Ask for a referral from the Head Teacher Welfare or Year Advisor;
• Parents/caregivers can refer directly. However, if appropriate, it is recommended that parents speak first to the Year Advisor or Head Teacher Welfare about their concerns.

Should you wish to discuss your concerns, please contact us by calling the school.