Student Counselling

School counsellors are experienced teachers who have a degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in school counselling. They can work with students of all ages and their families, throughout their school years.
For information in community languages see school counselling service.
The school counsellor can also assist students who may be feeling extremely sad or anxious. Contact us if you would like to make an appointment.
It is important to seek help early if you notice any major change in your child’s behaviour.

School Counsellors at Endeavour Sports High School

Brittany Ghabrial and Victoria Sierra 

Who we are
• Registered or Provisional Psychologists with NSW Psychology Board and AHPRA
• Possess Post Graduate qualifications in School Counselling
• Qualified Teachers with the NSW Department of Education

What we do

• Provide a confidential counselling and support service to allow parents / carers to make an informed decision about students’ education and well-being
• Assist with referrals to external agencies
• Advocacy of students to teachers and external agencies and other professionals

What we don’t do
• We are unable to provide a long-term individual counselling service
• Referral to outside agencies would be provided in these instances

Positive Psychology at Endeavour Sports High School
In addition to their core work, the school counsellors will:
• Focus on the principles of Positive Psychology by providing a positive framework that aims to increase student engagement to enhance well-being
• Develop proactive programs both in group and individual settings that aim to build resilience and psychological flexibility by focussing on what is going well for the individual rather than what is going wrong for the individual

Why do students get referred to the School Counsellor
Reasons for referral to the school counsellor are varied and individual and may include:
• Academic assessment
• Behavioural / emotional assessment
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief
• Trauma
• Family issues
• Social issues
• Or just needing to talk to someone confidentially

How students get referred to the School Counsellor
• Students can refer themselves
• Parents may call the counsellor direct
• Head Teacher Welfare, Year Advisors, Deputies and the Principal may refer students

• Mondays to Fridays (except Thursday afternoons) between 8:30 and 3:30
• Appointments outside of this time can be arranged

How to contact us
• Phone us direct on 9524 0615 ext 152 to make an appointment or to just have a chat.
• You can also make a referral by contacting the school office on 9524 0615

School Counsellors 2021

Counsellors are available Monday to Friday to help any student requiring advice, counselling and support. Please check with the school if parents and caregivers would like an appointment with a counsellor.

DAY                                                 COUNSELLOR
Monday & Friday:                    Brittany Ghabrial

Tuesday – Thursday:                Victoria Sierra