About the Program

Last year Endeavour Sports High School created a brand new cheerleading program offering pupils the chance to be part of one of the fastest growing sports in Australia. The squad is made up of 16 pupils ranging from Year 7 to Year 11 and they are aptly named ‘Flames’. They train twice a week at the award winning ‘Shire Elite Gym’ based in Taren Point. Their coach Kerrin, is a cheerleader who competes regularly. Last year we entered our first scholastic national competition and won in our division.

The team consists of girls who have been looking for a change in sport, finding that cheerleading offers them a mix of dance, gymnastics and strength work that no other sport can. We also have pupils who train as cheerleaders outside of school, with one Flame reaching the dizzy heights of Level 5 within the sport.
The Flames have a training outfit they wear each week to classes and a competition outfit.
Cheerleading needs pupils of all heights and strengths so we can balance the team and place pupils into stunt group consisting of a base, back spot and a flyer. We enter four competitions per year with the scholastic nationals in Term 3 the highlight of our competition calendar.
We welcome any pupil who has a background in gymnastics, dance or cheer who is willing to be part of a lively, fun squad who train hard and want to succeed.
Welcome to the Flames!


$800 per annum.