About the Program

Endeavour Sports High School TSP Dance allows for students to develop a deep understanding of Dance technique and performance quality whilst understanding the importance of safe dance practices. This includes:

  • The development of dance technique and body skills, strength/conditioning and performance quality
  • There is a focus on SAFE Dance practices and the importance of understanding the human body in relation to Dance
  • Cognitive development
  • The human body and how it relates to Dance
  • Understanding of the creative process in relation to composition
  • The importance of healthy nutrition and injury management

Dancers are accepted into TSP dance via an audition process. Successful students are presented many performance and development opportunities throughout the year, including but not limited to:

  • Ultimo Dance Festival
  • State Dance Festival
  • Schools Spectacular
  • Sutherland Dance Festival
  • Workshops held at the school with noteworthy choreographers. These choreographers include the likes of Sarah Boulter and Neale Whittaker
  • Flash Mob
  • Education Week
  • School assemblies and presentation days
  • Sydney Dance Company workshops
  • Parramatta Riverside workshops
  • Arts Unit workshops and master classes
  • Students may also be presented the opportunity to audition for State Dance Ensembles
  • Annual Endeavour Sports High School Performing Arts Showcase

TSP Dance Requirements

Once students have been accepted into the TSP Dance program, they will be required to co-sign a contract with their parents/carers. The contract outlines:

  • Behaviour requirements
  • Financial commitments
  • Performance commitments
  • Competition commitments
  • TSP Dance clothing standards

All students must wear black dance clothes that are form fitting or their sports uniform to all rehearsals. Students should not wear overly baggy dance clothes, as the teacher needs to see student’s technique clearly in order for the student to develop. Hair must be tied up and out of the student’s face and excessive amounts of jewelry should be removed due to safety. Students are not allowed to wear socks due to safety. Depending on the genre of Dance, they may be permitted to wear jazz/contemporary shoes or foot thongs. If students do not follows the TSP Dance regulations, their position will be compromised.

All students must be an active member of a dance studio outside of school and TSP Dance training hours.

Coaching Staff

The Dance staff at Endeavour Sports High School are highly qualified and experienced. Miss Kyriacou is passionate about Dance and committed to developing the athletes in the program so that they can achieve their personal best.

Helena Kyriacou

  • Bachelor of Dance Education:
    Dance, PDHPE, Community and Family Studies and Sports Life and Recreation
  • Assists with Coordinating Regional and State Dance Festivals
  • Schools Spectacular Production Team
  • Mentored HSC students who have achieved bands 5 and 6 in Dance
  • Students have gained positions in the State Dance Ensembles

Students are also provided the opportunity to develop skills in workshops provided by noteworthy choreographers, such as, Sarah Boulter and Neale Whittaker.


Rehearsals are as follows:

  • Monday 7:30 – 8:30am
    • TSP Dance Company
  • Tuesday 1:15 – 2:50 pm
    • Dance technique and conditioning class
  • Wednesday 2:50 – 4:20pm
    • TSP Dance Ensemble
  • Thursday 1:15 – 2:50 pm
    • Dance technique and conditioning class

During technique class, students will also be provided the opportunity to engage in different Dance genres and choreographic activities.

Students are required to attend ALL rehearsals.

“As a teacher, I am very aware that every student has different needs. Not all dancers are made the same, and that is what makes each of us so exciting to watch on stage. I intend to help you achieve your performance and technique goals whilst allowing you to grow and learn skills that will help you with life beyond high school”.

– Helena Kyriacou

If you are interested in joining TSP Dance please contact the school for further information.


$700 per annum.