Coaching Staff

Coach: Peter Worboys (Headcoach)

  • Former Under 18 NSW state Coach 18yrs
  • Giants Head Coach
  • NSW Baseball Board member
  • Level 4 Coaching Accreditation

Coach: Matt Dodd (Mentor)


TSP Softball training touches on every aspect of the game. It teaches every student key skills to play every position, while spending time with each student if that session is focused on their favoured position. The program trains with the Baseball TSP at a baseball field with no other groups or schools nearby. We also have access to batting tunnels that are used regularly to provide each student with an adequate amount of practice during hitting sessions.

Each student will go through tests for speed and strength twice a year. They will also be tested on their knowledge from all of the aspects of training and instruction we cover throughout the year.


$650 per annum.

Endeavour Sports High School offers a targeted sports program in softball, providing the highest standard of training and coaching available in the Sydney region.