About the Program

Competitive swimming is a very demanding sport. To be successful, swimmers may be required to train twice daily, for 1 to 2 hours per session for up to 11 sessions a week. This can involve rising at 4.30am for the morning session and returning home as late as 7pm from the evening session. Fitting schoolwork into this schedule can often become very difficult.
The TSP Swimming Program at Endeavour Sports High School provides TSP swimming students with the opportunity to complete two training sessions during school hours under the guidance of qualified coaches. The program is fully integrated into the school day allowing swimmers the opportunity to pursue their sporting and academic goals.

Coaching Staff

Craig Stevens (Head Coach)

Alicia Burns ( Program Director/Coach)

  • Silver Licence Coach (ASCTA)
  • Pacific School Games Coach/Mentor 2000, 2005, 2008, 2017
  • All School Swimming Manager 2019
  • CHS Swimming Manager 2000-2008, 2015-2020
  • Sydney East Swimming Manager 2000 till 202


The students in TSP swimming train:

  • Tuesday afternoon – Sans Souci Leisure Centre
  • Thursday afternoon – Sans Souci Leisure Centre

Competitions and Events

Training is used to build on the fitness and skill level of each swimmer as well as promote success at various competitions at a school based level including :

  • Port Hacking Zone Carnival
  • Sydney East Regional Carnival
  • NSW Combined High Schools (NSW CHS ) Carnival
  • NSW All Schools
  • School Sport Australian Swimming Championships
    Students are expected to wear their Endeavour Sports High School swimming cap and / or a FINA approved swimming costume when representing the School.


$750 per annum.

Recent Highlights

Endeavour Sports High School Swimmers have been very successful at Regional, State, National and International events. Some outstanding individual achievements include:

  • Craig Stevens – Australian Olympic representative, Commonwealth Games – bronze medallist
  • Simon Cowle – Commonwealth Games – gold medallist
  • Kate Krywlich – Australian finalist – Olympic games trials
  • Claire Housego – Australian finalist – Olympic games trials
  • Brittany Houghton- Silver medallist – All Schools 2008,2009,  Gold medallist CHS 2009
  • Mitchell Kilduff – Gold medallist – All Schools 2009, Gold, Silver medallist CHS 2009
  • Gabrielle Turnbull – Gold, Silver medallist CHS 2009, Commonwealth Games trialist 2010
  • Mai Solomon – Gold medallist CHS 2010
  • Jake Griffin- Bronze medallist CHS 2010, Australian All Schools Representative 2011-2012, Silver medallist NSW Age Championship 2013
  • Claire Pearson – Gold, Silver, Bronze medallist – Special Olympics 1X National Games 2010, Silver medallist – All Schools 2010, Gold & Bronze medallist – CHS 2010 ; Medallist 2011, Silver & Bronze medallist CHS – 2012, Gold, Silver medallist Australian Age 2013 multiple Gold medallist Special Olympics NSW 2013
  • Amanda Fowler – Australian Paralympics Representative (London) 2012, gold, silver medallist Australian Open Multiclass 2014
  • Nathan Clarke – Gold, Bronze Medallist CHS 2015
  • Casey Stevens – Special Olympics Junior National Games 2012, Special Olympics National Games 2014, Australian Age Multi-class Representative 2012-2015, Australian Open Multi-class Representative 2013-2015, NSW CHS swimming 2012-2015 (gold, silver and bronze medalist) NSW all schools 2014-2015 (gold medal relay), Pacific School Games 2015.
  • Boys 17-19 Relay Team 2nd place Nathan Clarke, Adam Griffin, Reece Bereveskos, Jamee Smith CHS 2017
  • Port Hacking Zone Carnival Leslie Neilsen – 13 Years Boys Champion 2017
  • Nathan Clarke – Broke 17-19 Years 100m Butterfly Record Sydney East Carnival 2017
  • Ryan Dowling – 12-15 Years Boys Multi-Class Champion – 7 x 1st places, breaking two records 2017

Sydney East Representatives 2017:

  • Nathan Clarke
  • Adam Griffin
  • Hannah Higgins
  • Ryan Dowling
  • Leslie Neilson,
  • Boys 12 Years Relay Team (Liam Christie, Jonathon Korkidas, Corey Ackers, Liam Christie, Jack Palma)
  • Boys 17-19 Relay Team (Nathan Clarke, Adam Griffin, Reece Bereveskos, Jamee Smith)

NSW All Schools Representatives 2017:

  • Nathan Clarke
  • Leslie Neilsen
  • Ryan Dowling